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 [TuT]Higher Weapon Lotto Chances !!!!

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PostSubject: [TuT]Higher Weapon Lotto Chances !!!!   Thu May 27, 2010 4:39 am

[TuToRiAl] Higher Weapon Lotto Chances !!!

1st Method

1. Run your SF launcher.
2. Log-in to your account but don't press "game start".
3. Click Start at the bottom of your screen and click Run.
4. Now you type "%SYSTEMROOT%\prefetch" in
the box.
5. You delete all of the files in your prefetch folder.No need to make
some backup files cause its not dangerous.
6. Now you start the game.
7. Choose the server with the lowest number of players. (to avoid lagg).
8. Top-up your eCoins.
9. Go to your inventory and unequip all of your weapons including your
10. Now go to item shop. Choose the weapon lotto you wanna buy.
11. Then click back, and choose another server with many players.
12. Go to your inventory and wait for 30 secs. and open your weapon
lotto.!! BooM you got it!


Kada 30 secs mo buksan

2nd Method

there is a brochas method called. its said that there is a 70% chance of

u need 270 Ecoin

buy 5 30 weapon lotto
open 1 every time you buy

then 1 - 120 (4+1 weapon lotto)..

then open...

also choose the sever and channel with the least people, then open your
friend list.... nway, i dont really believe it 100%, but there is no
harm in trying
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PostSubject: Re: [TuT]Higher Weapon Lotto Chances !!!!   Sun Jan 23, 2011 3:27 am

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[TuT]Higher Weapon Lotto Chances !!!!
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